TNT hilariously tricks Shaquille O’Neal with NBA Latin Nights promo

Shaquille O’Neal has a lot of nicknames, but he has never been called “The Big Latino” for a reason.

During TNT’s “Players Only” broadcast of the Knicks-Clippers game Monday night, Shaq read a promo for the NBA’s Latin Nights program. O’Neal actually got through his lines smoothly, but he clearly didn’t realize what he was saying at the end of the promo.

Someone needs to hook up Shaq with a Spanish-to-English dictionary. Also, practice your free throws, kids.

I haven’t been quite as low on Adebayo as many have been throughout the season. I’ve felt he was a good bet to be able to carve out an NBA impact in some capacity due in large part to his ability to defend on the perimeter for a big man. In an era where it’s essential to have bigs who can step away from the basket and move as well as act as something of a deterrent at the rim, Adebayo has potential to be a good defensive player that can also finish efficiently around the basket.

However, where Adebayo has made the biggest strides over the last month is as a rebounder. In 11 games since Feb. 14, Adebayo has averaged 10.9 rebounds per game to go with 14 points. His defensive rebounding rate is up to 17.4 percent on the season now. That’s still low for a center, but it’s a far cry from where it was. He’s helped himself in a big way by improving there.

Simmons averaged 8.7 points, 2.0 assists and 1.6 rebounds in 37 games for Arizona this past season. While he started 19 times during the season, his minutes waned into the single digits for all of the Wildcats’ Pac-12 Tournament games, as well as their NCAA Tournament games against St. Mary’s and Xavier.steelers_129