The Bills are taking a wait-and-see approach to protect themselves in case Watkins’ injury history bites them again.

The Jaguars won three games last year. Thet have not won more than five since 2010, when Jack Del Rio was coaching and David Garrard was the quarterback.The AFC South was begging to be taken for a couple of years. It might still be, but the Texans, Titans and even Colts have shown signs of making the leaps more than the Jaguars have.

Picking up quarterback Blake Bortles’ fifth-year option Tuesday — not a surprise in any context — looks smart, too. But just like with Bortles’ performance this season, the entire Jaguars operation has to live up to the hype, and it needs to happen soon.

Conley, meanwhile, likely has a chance to start immediately for the Raiders as a first-round pick.

That, however, depends on whether he’s charged. Unless he’s completely exonerated, the case will follow him whether he, the Raiders or the NFL like it or not.

Authentic Kids Lee Smith Jersey Yet the consequences already are less dire than what Collins faced, under very similar circumstances, two drafts ago.

The Bills are taking a wait-and-see approach to protect themselves in case Watkins’ injury history bites them again.

Elite Womens Jarvis Landry Jersey The option would have paid him $13.2 million in 2018 and be guaranteed for injury. Why commit to that money when he has yet to show he can stay healthy and produce enough to be considered an elite NFL receiver? If Watkins wants to get paid, he’s going to have to prove it.

Lions QB Brad Kaaya’s mom was the infamous Felisha in movie ‘Friday’

Brad Kaaya was selcted by the Lions in the sixth round of last week’s NFL Draft, but it turns out he isn’t the only famous member of his family.

Kaaya’s mother, Angela Means Kaaya, had a small acting part in the Ice Cube cult classic “Friday” as Felisha, a notorious bum and mooch.

It’s where the widely popular line “bye Felisha” became an iconic insult, and the rest was history.

Ross broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record at the NFL combine by running a 4.22 40-yard dash. Johnson had run a time of 4.24.

Hamilton is the all-time single-season minor league stolen base champion as he stole 155 bases in 132 games in 2012. Through 26 games this season with the Reds he has 16 steals.

“It’s something I look forward to. I’m a competitor — if something happens with him, it happens,” Hamilton said. “We’ll do it for a charity event. I’m willing to do it.”

Now, the question becomes what are the perameters for the race? Is it in shorts on turf, or is it in cleats on grass?

Is it a 40-yard dash like the NFL players run or it is a 60-yard dash which all MLB players run prior to the draft?

So much could be done with this proposed race, and here’s hoping something indeed happens with it. Hogan made some big plays for the Patriots last season, but he was a matchup-based outside threat to complement their quick inside wideouts. Bennett was a key one-year pickup to offset more injury woes for Rob Gronkowski, but he moved on to help the Packers. Cooks and Allen, acquired a day apart once free agency opened in March, are better overall coups at those positions.


Kovalchuk’s Possible Return: To Trade or Not to Trade

You know it’s the offseason when we’re discussing the seemingly annual New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk rumors! Recently, reports have surfaced indicating that Kovy is on his way back to the NHL and John wrote an extended piece about it. Today, I look at the two options the Devils could explore: bringing him back into the fold, or signing and trading him.

Moss’s bristly personality would wear out his welcome at other stops — the Raiders were so frustrated with him they traded him to New England for the pittance of a fourth-round pick — but he only failed one NFL drug test over his career and never faced suspension for it. For the Vikings and, eventually, the Patriots, his reward far outweighed his risk.

Game Kids Mark Ingram Jersey If there’s anyone who can relate to Tunsil’s awful draft day, it’s Sapp. The University of Miami standout was slated to be a top-five pick, but a failed marijuana test at that year’s draft combine gave teams reason to doubt his judgment. That report was thrust into the spotlight the night before the 1995 draft. Rumors flew that Sapp hadn’t just failed a weed test that year but tested positive for marijuana and cocaine multiple times throughout his college career.

Limited Womens DeAngelo Williams Jersey Though Sapp vehemently denied the leaks, players like Mike Mamula, Kyle Brady, and Derrick Alexander all heard their names called by then-commissioner Pete Rozelle before he did. The Buccaneers lucked into a bargain at No. 12, keeping the burly lineman in the Sunshine State. He was a seven-time Pro Bowler and six-time All-Pro for Tampa Bay. His play in the trenches helped set the foundation that transformed the Bucs from league laughing stock to Super Bowl XXXVII champions.

The Warriors don’t like Utah, so a Jazz player is offering them free trips to Vegas

Game Youth Merril Hoge Jersey The Warriors are airing their grievances after the Jazz beat the Clippers in the NBA playoffs, and their core problem: Having to spend time in Utah. Andre Iguodala explained his problems to ESPN.

That faith or doubt in Cleveland gets put to the test against Toronto on Monday in Game 1 (7 p.m. ET, TNT). The Cavaliers have had a week of rest after sweeping the Indiana Pacers, although all four games were incredibly close. Meanwhile, Toronto fell down twice to Milwaukee, losing Games 1 and 3, before closing them out.

This is, on paper, Toronto’s best team since they emerged as one of the top Eastern Conference squads. They added Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker at the trade deadline, two huge additions that give them a defender who has a real chance to bother LeBron James and a stretch forward who fills a gaping hole they’ve had at the power forward position. They have several options at center, DeMar DeRozan coming off his best season and an excellent series vs. Milwaukee, and (hopefully) Kyle Lowry is finally rounding into shape. You can’t ever trust the Raptors in the playoffs, though, so who knows what version of this team we’ll actually see.

Game Youth Trey Flowers Jersey We all know about Cleveland. It’s James, with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love behind him and a bunch of shooters filling in on the wings and coming off the bench. They can beat virtually anyone if they play their best basketball. We haven’t always seen them do so, but in the postseason, it seems like they always have a switch they can flip.

Luke Walton says Magic Johnson assured him the Lakers will keep their top 3 pick

Authentic Vlade Divac Jersey The Los Angeles Lakers will keep their top-three pick in this year’s NBA draft. At least that’s what team president Magic Johnson told head coach Luke Walton.

Walton said as much during an interview on We Need to Talk on CBS Sports.

Magic’s already ensured me that we’re gonna get our top 3 pick this year, so I’m excited about that, Walton said We don’t know who the pick is yet, but I was just happy to know that we are getting a pick. That’s good enough for me for now.
How Magic would know that when the ping pong balls have yet to hit is unclear. In reality, the Lakers don’t know if they’ll have a pick in the upcoming draft.

The selection is top-three protected, and if it falls to four or lower in the draft lottery, it conveys to Philadelphia as part of the deal that landed Steve Nash in Los Angeles. The Lakers also lose their 2019 first-round pick to Orlando as part of the Dwight Howard trade if they lose their first-rounder this season.

Los Angeles finished with the NBA’s third-worst record and, as a result, have the third-best odds at landing the top pick. The Lakers have a 46.9 percent chance at that pick staying in the top three. That gives Philadelphia a 53 percent chance of landing another first-round pick this summer.
Authentic Mike Bossy Jersey
Suffice it to say, there’s a lot riding on the ping pong balls in Los Angeles this year. But it doesn’t seem Magic is worried. Maybe he knows something the rest of the league doesn’t.

his size allows him to be a useful pass blocker in the pocket

He accelerates well once he finds a point of attack, and while he isn’t the most patient runner, his size and speed allow him to spin straw into gold. Defenders trying to go high to tackle him are just begging to be on the wrong side of a highlight reel. While he doesn’t have elite straight-line speed, he’s fast enough to create separation in the open field. It’s not an easy task to catch him from behind.

When opponents go low to tackle him, he has a strong enough base to plant and re-adjust his angle of attack. He’s also athletic enough to hurdle diving cornerbacks and keep his momentum moving upfield.

Furthermore, his size allows him to be a useful pass blocker in the pocket, when he wants to be. Fournette whiffed on his share of blocks at LSU, but has the potential to be an extra asset in protection.

Howard’s 33 receptions in 2015 were the most of any Alabama tight end during the Nick Saban era in Tuscaloosa. But Howard might have been the most-hyped tight end recruit ever, and it wasn’t until the final game of his junior year that he truly showed his gigantic talent. Without Howard, Alabama might not beat Clemson, so I’m sure Tide fans will certainly say, “Better late than never.”

“O.J., quite honestly, should have been more involved all year long,” Saban said. “Sometimes 2017 NFL draft nike_eagles_2399he was open and we didn’t get him the ball. But I think the last two games have been breakout games for him in terms of what he’s capable of and what he can do. I would say it’s bad coaching on my part that he didn’t have the opportunity to do that all year long.”

In 2016, Howard was able to get a couple touchdowns during the regular season. Just like in 2015, he had yet to have a 100-yard game, heading into the national title rematch against Clemson in January.

Dolphins pick Vincent Taylor is a versatile athlete, as he showed on this one play

Elite Cameron Fleming Jersey Miami Dolphins sixth-rounder Vincent Taylor, a defensive tackle for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, is an all-around athlete.

Now, the Patriots, or at least the bulk of the 2016 team, will celebrate their Super Bowl 51 victory with a customary trip to the White House, where they’ll be honored by President Trump in a formal ceremony.

While several key players have made public statements saying they won’t be attending, the first-term president can still rely on the support of Belichick and Brady, two men whose names came up early and often throughout his campaign.

Authentic Bernie Parent Jersey Wednesday’s celebratory trip will be the fifth Belichick and Brady has been invited to and arguably their sweetest. Brady led New England back from a 28-3 deficit to direct the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time. The surefire Hall of Famer threw for 466 yards and a pair of touchdowns to thoroughly rip out and then stomp on the hearts of Falcons fans across the globe.

The Patriots have the distinction of being the first championship team to visit President Trump’s White House — the Cubs scheduled their visit on Jan. 16, four days before the incumbent took office. As expected, Trump’s unique ability to court controversy at every turn has been enough to convince at least six New England players to skip the event.

I ended up taking that shot, and it ended up working out for me, Morgan said. I fell in love with it almost immediately.

Since football was new to him, he knew he wasn’t a good player at the time. But he didn’t second-guess himself.

Once I realized I had the opportunity, at that point it was just a matter of playing to the highest ability that I could. And just continue to make myself known and earn more playing time there.

The Texans teased their Deshaun Watson pick on Twitter 2 hours before making it

Two hours later, the Texans traded up 13 spots to take Watson as the third QB off the board. Subtle!

Watson was picked after North Carolinas Mitchell Trubisky to the Bears and Patrick Mahomes to the Chiefs. But theres an easy argument that hes the best quarterback in the class, and college football fans would be eager to make it. After he torched Nick Sabans Alabama in consecutive National Championships, winning the second one, college fans would follow this dude into the gates of … well, Houston, for sure.
David Robertson Limited Jersey
Jason Garrison Limited Jersey Follow the action with our 2017 NFL draft tracker with pick-by-pick results and analysis updating in real-time for all seven rounds.

After two years in Chicago, tonights event will take place in Philadelphia for the first time since 1960. The draft will be hosted in the Philadelphia City Hall, and future NFL stars like Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, and Leonard Fournette will be in attendance.

This year, there are 32 picks in the first round, after there were only 31 in last years event due to the New England Patriots pick being stripped as a result of DeflateGate. The duration of past drafts have varied — the 2016 draft lasted until about 11:40 p.m., while the 2015 draft lasted until about 11:20 p.m.

Considering past drafts, tonights event will most likely last somewhere between three to four hours, meaning the event could potentially end at any point between 11 p.m. and midnight.

Tony Richardson spelled Jets wrong while announcing their pick at the NFL draft

Former Jets fullback Tony Richardson was tasked with announcing the Jets pick in the third round.

Womens Chris Chelios Jersey Richardson wanted to put a little spin and spice on his announcement of the pick by doing Jets fans signature chant of J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS, except there was one problem.

He spelled Jets wrong, spelling it J-E-T-E. Theres no doubt this is good value if Foster is healthy. But a whole lot of teams passed on Foster and the 49ers gave up a fourth-round pick to move up to get him. Hes a seek-and-destroy type of player for a defense that needs to keep adding pieces and could use a better linebacker than Malcolm Smith starting alongside NaVorro Bowman.

To be fair, people stumble over their words all the time, and he was on a big stage in front of a raucous crowd. The mind get mixed up and we all make mistakes. But this seems particularly bad.
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Theres no doubt this is a position of need and the Broncos get the first offensive lineman off the board. Its a safe selection, which is a bit overwhelming for a team that reportedly poked around at the idea of trading for Christian McCaffrey, but its a base hit and thats fine.

Teams can look to Marcus Mariota as a success story of a player making that transition.

Mariota was in a shotgun, up-tempo offense at Oregon and then had to take snaps under center with the Tennessee Titans. To make things easier for the Heisman Trophy winner, the Titans have made more than 50 percent of Mariotas snaps from shotgun over the last two years.

Soaring music plays, and “STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI” flashes across the screen.

Now we see big-ass drones flying across a desert. They’re shooting out red stuff, so they look like they’re bleeding. Now there’s a guy in a space suit. Now there’s another guy in a space suit, and he’s running through the halls of a space castle, I’m pretty sure. Now more hovercrafts are shooting stuff.

Darth Vader and some other Bad Dudes with lightsabers show up briefly to march across more darkness. R2D2 is also there. He’s standing in front of civilization, which appears to be burning, which feels less like a Sci Fi film and more like our current global reality.

Soaring music plays, and “STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI” flashes across the screen.

Having won a national championship, All-American recognition, and three pairs of Golden Pants [for beating Michigan], there really wasn’t anything more for McMillan to accomplish in Columbus. His name will almost assuredly be announced in the first two days of the NFL Draft this April. Regardless of how his career turns out at the next level, one things is clear: McMillan deserves to have his name mentioned aside the best Ohio State linebackers of all time.

The Hinesville, Ga. native was twice All-Big Ten, a 2015 finalist for the Butkus Award (which seeks the nation’s top linebacker), and had one of the NFL Combine’s best linebacker 40 times. He’s considered one of the 2017 draft’s top five or so linebackers:

If a team is looking for a rock solid, run-stopping linebacker, McMillan is that player. At just under 6’2 and 240 pounds, McMillan is a classic middle who can come up and stuff the run. When McMillan squares up his shoulders and drives through the ball carrier, he never misses. He plays with good instincts, and when he’s in zone coverage, he knows how to read the quarterback’s eyes to make a break on the play.nike_jaguars_580