Joe McKnight murder trial under way

The trial of Ronald Gasser, the man accused of killing former NFL running back Joe McKnight in a December 2016 road-rage incident, began Tuesday in New Orleans as potential jurors were questioned, reported.

McKnight, who was 28 at the time of his death, spent four seasons in the NFL with the Jets and Chiefs after a standout college career at USC.

The Niners’ options instead are to either franchise-tag Jimmy G or sign him to a long-term contract, potentially making him the highest-paid player in the league.

While Lynch added that he will not talk publicly about the ensuing negotiations with Garoppolo, the GM did offer that he has had conversations with Garoppolo and the organization knows where the QB stands.

Dear Big Ben, the bakery’s Facebook post read. We wanted to thank you for the amazing season so far. Beating you this year not once BUT twice in the Burgh… well that was amazing! We appreciated the turnovers you gave us over our season so in return we wanted you to get a TASTE of 7 turnovers. So here are our very best Apple, blueberry and Cherry turnovers! Sincerely, the amazing City of Jacksonville or as you know it SACKSONVILLE.

Roethlisberger was picked off five times in a 30-9 home loss to the Jaguars in Week 5, which made him feel like he didn’t have it anymore as he contemplated retirement. He bounced back and threw 469 yards with five touchdowns on Sunday, but fell victim to two turnovers and questionable play-calling as Pittsburgh lost 45-42 after a failed comebapatriots_175_2e6af4b0f1be0855-180x180ck attempt.

Aaron Rodgers injury update: Packers place star QB on IR

Aaron Rodgers made a valiant return to the field on Sunday in a 31-24 loss to the Panthers, but he will not play again this season.

Rodgers missed eight weeks with a broken collarbone, but Green Bay was still in the playoff picture entering last week’s game. Green Bay’s loss to the Panthers coupled with a Falcons win over the Buccaneers Monday night officially eliminated the Packers from the playoffs.

Cards won 4 on 8th inning 3-run Albert Pujols home run…Suffered a 4 defeat 5 at HOU, matching his high with four runs allowed.For me, nothing compares with winning those Cups.I’m definitely not a status .Just last year – after taking 432 plate appearances at even younger age – Astros uber-star Correa made a similar move, shifting a few percentage points from the category to the zone category, while swinging at the same clip.The last word, though, belongs to Jason Kopalie.Mullin was a five-time All-Star for the Warriors and garnered All- honors four times, including a selection to the All- First Team 1992.Will the work pay off?The Department of Chemistry prides itself on faculty who attain an admirable balance between their research and scholarship and their commitment to teaching and advising.also participated the high jump and javelin throw at Vizcarrondo High School .ethnobotany, all from Harvard University.

Wagner fired back at Thomas on Twitter after Thomas said Wagner, among other players, shouldn’t have played through his injury against the Rams on Sunday.

E keep my name out yo mouth. Stop being jealous of other people success. I still hope you keep balling bro, Wagner tweeted.

Wagner quickly deleted the tweet, but not before screenshots preserved it forever. He then sent another tweet about holding himself accountable, but deleted that post as well.

The Seahawks (8-6) will prepare for the return of Ezekiel Elliott when they visit the Cowboys (8-6) at 4:25 p.m. ET Sunday before closing the regular season at home against the Cardinals (6-8).

“It was bad,” Neal said of the field, via “I’m not the type to make excuses, but it bad. But you have to adjust to whatever atmosphere, whatever environment you’re in. I switched out cleats. I just switched out to some different ones to get a little better traction.”

The Eagles are aggressive and this actually plays into the Giants’ hands.Nicknamed King, played like one.His physical ability is a large question mark currently, though it might be mitigated by the Browns catering their offense to his strengths Kessler.Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman reported Tuesday that former Oregon head coaches Chip and Helfrich could both be considered for the opening.He was mentor, Nogueira said of Biyombo.packers_162_4e7bc9355f1b157b-180x180

the Lions or Ravens improve their playoff chances with a win Sunday?

With the Cavaliers’ franchise-record-tying 13-game winning streak ending with a 106-102 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Friday night, the biggest disappointment in Cleveland’s postgame locker room stemmed from news that weather issues would delay the team flight home, not the defeat.

The NFC South is once again one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL, with the Saints (8-3) and Panthers (8-3) tied for the lead and the Falcons (7-4) a game back. The Saints fought hard in a loss to the Rams last week, and Sean Payton should have them ready to rebound at home against the Panthers.

Crackback blocks like the one Smith-Schuster used to wipe out Burfict used to be legal, not illegal.

In fact, it was the kind of snot-bubbling hit that ESPN would have gleefully celebrated on its “Jacked Up” segment a few years ago. Not to mention cheering the fact that a notoriously dirty player like Burfict was finally on the receiving end of what Brown called “karma.”

As Whitlock noted: “Burfict was trying to make a play on a football, and a guy cleaned his clock. Ten years ago we’d all be saying he got ‘Jacked Up’ and high-fiving each other.”

The Giants are currently estimated to have about $28 million in cap room next year, which is around the middle of the pack in the NFL. That number includes Manning at a $22.2 million cap figure. It seems unlikely that Manning will be back with the team next season unless New York fails to draft a quarterback, and/or unless the wounds created by Manning’s benching are healed in the offseason.

Houston had put a runner on in 14 consecutive innings before the 26-year-old lefty retired the side in order in the first.

nike_patriots-516A couple of days after a 27-24 win over the Denver Broncos, the Colts announced Luck would miss two-six weeks with abdominal injuries. While he never came out of that game either, it’s believed that it happened during the first play of the fourth quarter when he absorbed hits from defensive tackle Vance Walker and linebacker Danny Trevathan.

“The injuries happened at the end of an early fourth quarter scramble when Andrew was doing everything he could to get us the win,” Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said in the team’s press release. “Andrew was sore after the game and was feeling a little worse Monday afternoon so we sent him to get tests.”

“He’s improved,” Gustafson said. “He’s done an incredible job. It’s unfortunate that race wins have eluded us, because I think that’s the only thing that we haven’t been able to do this year.

“We’ve done everything else.” Joe Staley, OT, San Francisco 49ers: The veteran tackle took a huge hit from Eagles DT Fletcher Cox as Philadelphia was returning an interception in the second quarter. He received medical attention on the field then made his way slowly to the sideline, where he was spotted with a sizable gash under his eye.

Christopher Bell, who earned his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series victory Oct. 21 at Kansas Speedway, will compete in the final three series events.

He’ll be doing that while also racing for a championship (at least for two more weeks) in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Even with an eighth-place finish Saturday, he has a 45-point cushion on the cutoff in trucks.

Both the Raiders and the Chargers stadium situation will be up for discussion

The Chargers have until January to decide if they will take the L.A. option, but could ask for an extension if the Raiders receive approval from NFL owners to relocate to Las Vegas in January and are out of the running to move to Los Angeles.

The league is expected to discuss the Raiders’ potential move to Las Vegas during a committee meeting in New York next week.

Both the Raiders and the Chargers Pavel Zacha Authentic Jersey stadium situation will be up for discussion at a December NFL owners meeting in Dallas.

Some have suggested the Chargers could remain at Qualcomm Stadium and retrofit the existing facility.

Since 2007, the Chargers have had a three-month window to renew the team’s year-to-year lease with the City of San Diego for Qualcomm Stadium that permits the team to terminate the lease — but would pay a penalty — at any time between Feb. 1 and May 1.

The Chargers have a year-to-year lease at Qualcomm through the 2020 season. Breaking the Qualcomm lease ahead of the 2020 expiration would cost the team about $13 million in 2017.

“I think it’s great for the fans and it’s great for those guys, Reg and I guess [Adam Vinatieri] played on that team and [Robert Mathis],” Luck said. “Cool, but from our perspective it’s a Titans game and we would like to be that team 10 years from now, 15 [years], whatever it is.”

To Joe’s credit, he never blamed me for what happened. We’ve never had Ryane Clowe Authentic Jersey a problem. I’ve never had a problem with Joe. And every time we see each other, we talk. We talked before then, we still talk, and there is no animosity there. I know his son very well. Hey, I did [Theismann] a favor. He had Lloyd’s of London [insurance]. He made about $3 million.

The Chargers could go back and take a closer look at Faulconer’s $1.1 billion proposal to replace Qualcomm Stadium at the Mission Valley, which included $350 million in public money. That proposal hinged on a public vote to unlock the public contribution of the project.

The team had heartburn over the likelihood of a public vote passing and the environmental review of the project, although the mayor’s office had done polling that showed a public vote for stadium funding passing in a general election by a simple majority vote.

The script is intelligent rather than flashy, exploring the divide between town and country

The script is intelligent rather than flashy, exploring the divide between town and country, and taking a more sophisticated approach to race than your average American movie. This was Franklin’s directorial debut, and great things were predicted. Whatever his future, he’ll always have the best of the modern noirs to his credit. 5. Naked With High Hopes and Life Is Sweet, seemed to have found a successful Taylor Gabriel Jersey groove: gently desperate social comedy. Which made Naked even more shocking. It’s a film that’s easy to hate: women found it misogynist.

But it’s not the film that hates women, it’s – but since dominates pretty much every frame, its easy to the problem. There’s not Tramon Williams Jersey much here the way of plot: accused of rape, escapes from Manchester and goes to London. He wanders the capital like the ancient mariner, buttonholing anyone he can find and ranting sprawling, compelling millennial nonsense at them. Thewlis is extraordinary: he makes, who should be just plain repulsive, fascinating. And, unusually for a film, this one looks good – he abandons suburbia for the strange nightworld of empty office blocks and the edgy streets of recession-hit London. has shown no interest ever making anything like it again. Shame. 6. Buffalo 66 There’s only one thing worse than a self-proclaimed genius, and that’s a self-proclaimed genius who turns out to be right. is a professional loudmouth who has been hanging around New since the late Seventies: he was a band with Jean- Basquiat, had a career as a painter and then decided he was actor. He shocked the apathetically liberal East Village and SoHo scenes by declaring he was a reactionary; a confessed former hustler, he enjoys making homophobic rants. Then, after all the troublemaking, he turned around and made extraordinary film, one that epitomised the inspired verve of the decade’s American independent scene at its best. Buffalo 66 opens with Brown being released from prison, and then asking to go back because he needs to ‘take a piss. The first five minutes – funny and bleak – are devoted to Brown’s search for a toilet. Then he kidnaps a dancer, takes her home to his monstrous parents and tells them she’s his wife. From there on, right up to the end, the film remains genuinely unpredictable. Buffalo 66 is a terrifyingly bitter piece of autobiography: it leaves you feeling very sorry for ‘s parents. But it is also incredibly tender film – shows the vulnerability and absurdity at the heart of his own bluster. It’s hilarious places. And not least, it’s a beautiful film: shot using a rare process had enormous trouble getting developed, it finds loveliness the dingy town of Buffalo. Two scenes – one with and Ricci on a motel bed, the other with Ricci tap-dancing to Crimson a bowling alley – are as elegant as anything Vincent Minnelli ever did. the end, Buffalo 66 stays with you longer than all the other outstanding films that sprang from ‘s burgeoning independent scene, Dazed and Confused included. And people – including those personally insulted by him – give at least this much credit: the bastard sure knows how to make a film. 7. Festen Defenders of our ailing national cinema always point out that we can’t be expected to compete with the Americans. Which is reasonable enough, but the real comparison should be with the Danish and Norwegians. Refn’s Pusher put all US post-Tarantino efforts the shade, while Lars Trier’s made the -it-or-run-screaming Breaking The Waves. Trier was also brave enough, pretentious enough or ironic enough to launch a cinematic movement these cynical times. And if most people are still unsure whether the reasoning behind the Dogme 95 Vows Of – no score, no flashbacks, no props, no lighting, hand-held video cameras only – is tongue–cheek or not, the films make it irrelevant question. Trier’s own The Idiots is a bit of a hippy mess, but Festen is another matter. Festen takes place at the sixtieth birthday party of the pompous Helge, shortly after his daughter has committed suicide. His eldest announces that their father had consistently raped him and his sister when they were children. And this is where the Dogme restrictions become advantage: without music, there’s nothing to tell you how to feel or when to expect a dramatic moment. And that’s what helps Festen avoid being abuse melodrama and become a superbly ambiguous black comedy. Vinterberg is brilliant at controlled chaos, and keeps the film both wild and on the rails. If every film was made according to the Dogme rules, it would quickly become wearing, but right now it’s the most exciting thing happening the movies. 8. Delicatessen These days French films come four basic flavours. There are the ones where people talk too much, the ones where old men stare at Emmanuelle Beart, the swashbucklers and the loud ones directed by Luc Besson or one of his mates. Too simplistic? Yes, but sadly not by much. The glorious exception is Delicatessen. Delicatessen is distantly related to the work of Gilliam and the Coen brothers, but mainly out there on its own. Set a world that is somehow both post-World War II and post-apocalyptic, the bare essence of the plot has a woman trying to save ex-clown from her cannibalistic butcher father. That’s before you get to the woman who keeps failing to kill herself, the underground vegetarian resistance fighters or any of the other bizarre and beautifully rendered characters. Unfortunately the finest scene – based around the rhythm of bed springs – has recently been ripped off for ad, and may never seem as good again. Jeunet and Caro made the inspired City Of Lost Children before Jeunet was lured to Hollywood to make the dismal Alien Resurrection. 9.

Frieri then entered and fanned -hitter Castro to escape the mild threat

Menu Chicago Blackhawks star Kane for the first time addressed the sexual assault investigation against him Thursday and declared he had done nothing wrong and expected to be absolved. Appearing calm Carl Hagelin Jersey and poised, the 26-year-old Kane acknowledged that it has been incredibly difficult time for people since the allegation surfaced early August. I cannot apologize enough for the distraction this has caused family, teammates, this incredible organization and, of course, our fans, said Kane, flanked by team officials including team President and CEO John McDonough. While I have too much respect for the legal process to comment on ongoing matter, I am confident once all the facts are brought to light I be absolved of having done nothing wrong. Kane is Chris Kreider Jersey accused of sexually assaulting a woman her 20s August at his offseason home outside Buffalo, New, a person familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because police have not revealed details of the case. Kane has not been charged, but the case has shadowed the Blackhawks for weeks as they prepare for a season that begins at home on Oct. 7. The team held the news conference the day before training camp begins on the Notre Dame campus. We recognize that Kane is dealing with a very serious situation, said McDonough, who was joined by coach Quenneville and general manager Bowman alongside Kane. Based on our discussions with his legal representatives who are very close to this matter, we have decided to have join us for training camp. He then said the team would have no further comment on the case. Kane steered questions away from it, too. I’m excited to be here at camp just like all the players, he said. It’s good to see your teammates especially after a long summer.

Menu Josh Hamilton collected three RBI and finished a double shy of the cycle as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim slipped past the Astros, 4, on Sunday the finale of a three-game set at Stadium. Mike Trout stroked a solo and scored three times for the Angels, while starter C.J. held to one run on five hits and four walks over six solid innings. I had confidence today with all pitches, remarked. I had extra the tank. I had the strength to throw a lot of pitches. I was able to keep them off balance. Frieri recorded the final out of the eighth and worked around a two- out single the ninth to nail down his second save of the season for the Angels, who have won back-to-back games for the first time this season. Humber was a hard-luck loser, as the right-hander gave up two runs and scattered seven hits and walked just one over seven strong frames. Humber was outstanding, Astros manager Bo said of his starter. He was efficient with his pitches. Dominguez’s run-scoring double the second accounted for the lone run for the Astros, who had won three straight before dropping the final two games of the series. We got men on base, we were just not able to execute, added. The Angels struck first the opening frame, as Trout scorched a one-out double, moved to third on Pujols ground out, and then crossed the plate on Hamilton’s single to give the Halos a 1 edge. pulled even the second when Dominguez followed Cedeno’s leadoff double with a two-bagger of his own, but the Angels jumped back front the third after Trout launched a solo shot over the wall right- center field. The Astros nearly pulled even the sixth, when Carlos Pena worked a one-out walk and Carlos Corporan followed with a single to center before moving to second on the throw to put runners at second and third. Cedeno then laid down a suicide-squeeze, but recovered the bunt and flipped to catcher Conger, who applied the tag on Pena running from third to keep the Astros from tying the game. escaped the inning unscathed by getting Dominguez to fly out. Burnett took over for the Halos the seventh and retired the Astros order before Downs ran into trouble the eighth, when he issued a one- out walk to and then served up a two-out single to Corporan to put the tying run on second.

Frieri then entered and fanned -hitter Castro to escape the mild threat. Hamilton provided Frieri with some breathing room the bottom half, as the Los Angeles slugger launched a two-run blast over the wall left-center field for his second as games to give the Angels a 4 advantage. Frieri fanned the side the ninth despite issuing a two-out single to Jose Altuve. Game Notes went 1-for-8 with runners scoring position and left 10 men on base… The Angels open a three-game set Minnesota on Monday… heads to Oakland for a three-game set beginning on Monday.

Menu Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan each scored 18 points, Patterson had 17 and the Toronto Raptors beat Boston 116 on Friday, handing the Celtics their first defeat three preseason. Avery led Boston with 22 points while Thornton had 19 and Bass 14. Amir and Greivis Vasquez both scored 13 as the Raptors took control with a 12 run midway through the fourth, outscoring Boston 29 the final quarter. Toronto guard returned to the starting lineup after sitting out Tuesday’s loss at Sacramento with a sore right knee, while Patterson played for the first time three preseason. Center Greg Stiemsma, who suffered a concussion Tuesday, was unable to play after failing to pass a league-mandated test. Stiemsma will be tested again Saturday. Before the game, Celtics coach Brad Stevens said injured guard Rajon Rondo has begun to participate non-contact practice drills. Stevens also said he would have update Saturday on center Vitor Faverani, who has missed all of training camp with a sore left knee. Boston was without forward Green and guard James. The teams meet again Wednesday Portland, Maine.

Adrian Peterson not lamenting another round of Vikings QB uncertainty

MINNEAPOLIS — This Sunday, Adrian Peterson will line up in the Minnesota Vikings’ backfield for his 10th season opener at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. Standing in the backfield with him will be Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford, the 12th starting quarterback the Vikings have used during Peterson’s career in Minnesota.

While it’s probably overly simplistic to assume the Vikings will cope with their quarterback uncertainty just by feeding Peterson the ball, there’s little doubt his presence is a calming factor for the team’s two quarterbacks as the Vikings try to figure out which one of them will replace Bridgewater this week.

“It’s nice knowing that we’ve got the best running back in the game and one of the best defenses in the league,” Bradford said. “We’re probably not going to have to go out there and throw it 60-plus times a game and put up a lot of points. But you still have to come in and you still have to put in the time to learn the new offense. I want to be efficient as I possibly can when I step on the field.”

Whether Bradford or Hill is on the field this Sunday, Peterson begins his 10th season as a focal point of the Vikings’ offense, ready to do his part for a team he’s consistently said is capable of winning a championship. The goal, Peterson said, has not changed.

“We have an opportunity,” he said. “It is very unfortunate to have the [Bridgewater] injury happen. It takes a team to win a championship, so we are still chasing the same thing.”

Asked if he has considered taking a knee during the national anthem, Baldwin said, “I have. I want to make sure that I get all of my ducks in a row before I do so.”

Added Avril: “We’re thinking about it. I am. I truly respect what Kaep is doing. I think some people are taking it out of context because they’re not experiencing the same thing other people are experiencing. They can’t really see it. But as a person that does see it and does see what’s really going on out here, I definitely could see me doing something about it as well.”

Baldwin recently posted a message on Facebook in which a member of the military told the wide receiver that he’d support him if he were to kneel for the anthem.

Baldwin and several of his teammates spent a day training with combat divers this offseason and have discussed their respect for the armed forces.

After Kaepernick’s initial protest, Baldwin said he reached out to the 49ers quarterback and talked to him extensively.

“My grandfather being in the military, it hit home for me as well,” Baldwin said. “It’s the veterans. That’s more heartening to me than anything. It’s the veterans that have reached out and said that that’s what they fought for. That’s what they sacrificed their lives for was to give people back home under the flag, under the country, the opportunity to stand up or sit for what they believe in. So that was very heartening for me to hear that and that response from the veterans.”

Avril said he doesn’t see the gesture as one that disrespects the military.

Vontaze Burfict suspension plans? Help sister settle into college dorm

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict hasn’t thought about how he’ll watch his team in the first three weeks of the season.

It won’t be from the sidelines.

Burfict didn’t practice in the final two weeks of the preseason but instead did work on the rehab field. It’s a glimpse of what the coming weeks will look like. Once the suspension begins, Burfict will not be able to practice with the team.

Here’s what you need to know about Glenn:

Call him Goose. Rob might be known across the country as “Gronk,” but Glenn doesn’t go by the same nickname. His family refers to him as “Goose” — for reasons nobody can seem to remember.

He thinks he’s smarter than Rob. When fans think of Rob Gronkowski, party cruises and dance moves might come to mind. But Glenn is different. “I think a lot of people have already realized that I’m not as crazy as him,” Glenn said in May. “It’s not easy to be that crazy and wild, but I think people are already starting to realize that. I’m a little more tame, a little more intelligent probably, so I would say people are already starting to recognize that.”

He’s the youngest of five brothers. Glenn, 23, is the baby of his family.

Rob, 27, has been with the New England Patriots since 2010;

Chris, 29, was a fullback who appeared in games for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos from 2010 to 2012;

Dan, 31, was a tight end for the Detroit Lions, Broncos, Patriots and Cleveland Browns from 2009 to 2011;

Gordie Jr., 33, was a first baseman drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the 49th round in 2006. He played professional baseball until 2011.

Lawson, 32, was expected to start opposite Jerry Hughes in the Bills’ 3-4 defense until first-round pick Shaq Lawson (shoulder surgery) returns from the physically unable to perform list. The earliest Lawson is eligible to return is Week 7.