It looks silly when the Mets’ horse appears to be a stubborn mule.

None of this is to say the Mets shouldn’t share some of the blame for Syndergaard’s injury. The CBA says you can’t force a guy to get an MRI — and nor should you be able to — but Syndergaard should have a bit more self-awareness. The team needs him. What message is he sending to the clubhouse saying he doesn’t regret a thing?

You are who you project yourself to be, and Syndergaard not using the chance to take a public appearance on one of New York’s most listened to radio shows to reassure the fans that he’ll learn from his mistakes and missteps should be more than concerning. It should be alarming.

Elite Womens Peyton Manning Jersey Listen, there’s nothing wrong with living your life with no regrets, but everyone knows Syndergaard made a mistake. Syndergaard more than likely privately knows he made a mistake. Why not just admit to it and move on? Why drag this out? Why present yourself this way?

It looks silly when the Mets’ horse appears to be a stubborn mule.

Mazzone also serves as a special assistant to the coaches at Furman University and does a sports talk radio show at 9 a.m. EST every Saturday with 680 The Fan in Atlanta.
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It’s funny, Mazzone said. My career took the same thing as Johnny Sain’s career. You had your years in the big leagues and you had a lot of success for a lot of reasons, for a lot of good people that were around you. And then at the end — why was I meeting Johnny Sain and he was in the minor leagues?

We all, as a network, wondered How is this going to go? We’re in Studio 42 doing the draft, and we knew the draft was sort of an awkward thing as other networks tried to cover it before us. We wanted to make it a big deal, as a huge, exclusive event for this young network. So I can understand why some players early on wouldn’t want to come to Studio 42 early on. They don’t know what it’s about, they don’t know all different kinds of details.

So here comes this local kid and all of us are worried that he’s not going to get drafted in the first round. That year we only aired the first round of the draft, so we are crossing our fingers. We’re showing this kid and his family, and we’re like, Oh my goodness.

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